Unity for Humanity: We Are Paving the Way to Progress.
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About Us

Unity for Humanity: We Are Paving the Way to Progress.

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Ahad Welfare Society

Ahad Welfare Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to social services for 8 years to overall community development in Malda, West Bengal. With a focus on rural areas, we strive to uplift the underprivileged by addressing fundamental needs. Our initiatives encompass various sectors, including water, food, education, and healthcare. In line with the determination to give back to society, we organize blanket distribution, study kit distribution, food and cloth distribution programs for economically disadvantaged people. To save lives and combat blood shortage issues, blood donation camps are also conducted at our organization. In marginalized regions, we work towards creating sustainable positive change. we combat water scarcity, hunger, and educational barriers.. Committed to compassion and inclusivity, Ahad Welfare Society endeavors to create a brighter future for those facing economic and social challenges, fostering empowerment and community well-being.l

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Our Mission

To significantly impact society through poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, gender equality, environmental conservation, community development, human rights advocacy, and disaster relief.

Our Vision

To establish an institution for orphans, offering comprehensive care, including food and shelter and to provide opportunities that empower them to live fulfilling lives.

Our Objectives

To uplift the lives of underprivileged people by breaking the cycle of poverty and providing opportunities to live a quality life with dignity.