Unity for Humanity: We Are Paving the Way to Progress.
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Unity for Humanity: We Are Paving the Way to Progress.

Independence Day

Every 15th August, we joyously celebrate Independence Day to honour the sacrifices of our brave freedom fighters. Our President hoists the national flag, delivering motivational speeches for humanity’s sake. We proudly sing the national anthem, paying homage to our great martyrs. To make this day special, local children participate in cultural programs, contributing to a greener, sustainable future. It’s a remarkable occasion to commemorate our independence and foster a sense of national pride.

Republic Day

We celebrate Republic Day every year on 26th of January,  to honour our nation’s spirit. Our program, filled with pride and enthusiasm, includes flag hoisting, cultural performances, and inspiring patriotic speeches. This significant occasion prompts reflection on our rich heritage, core values, and national progress. Let’s unite in the spirit of unity and progress, embracing principles that strengthen and enliven our country.

Netaji Jayanti

On January 23rd, we commemorate the birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, one of the greatest Bengali leaders in our country’s fight for freedom. On this day, we honor his sacrifices and pay heartfelt tribute. To carry forward his ideals, we host cultural events to preserve his legacy and inspire others with his vision of a free and united India

National Youth Day

Each year on 12th of January, we observe National Youth Day on the birth anniversary of India’s greatest spiritual leader, Swami Vivekananda. On this occasion, we honour and remember his profound contributions and teachings. We organize a special program to pay tribute and draw inspiration from his wisdom. Come, be a part of celebrating his impactful life and principles with us.